Thanks, Alissa!

Alissa, my wonderful sister-in-law, is my blog inspiration. Seriously, I hope to one day blog as much as she does. She’s been pushing me to blog again for too long (years)….and I’m finally feeling the fever again (and I have a lot more time than I used to!).

Considering my last post was December 2012, I have a lot of catching up to do.

In my 3 short years of teaching, I have now taught 1st, 2nd, and 1/2 a year of 5th grade and now have retired (for now) to be a substitute. I about killed my principal when he changed me to 5th grade. 1st grade is where my heart is. 5th graders are HUGE and SCARY and you have to go to maturation clinic, heaven forbid! Well, I can’t say enough good things about my 5th graders. I loved them. Still do. And I skipped out on maturation clinic due to our move to AL :).


Korbin did an internship with Southern Nuclear this summer at Farley Nuclear. He was offered a job and took it. Although it sounds like an obvious choice (for me, it was!), it was the hardest decision we have made. We now live in Dothan and are renting the cutest house. I never thought I’d make it back here marrying a boy from Utah, but I guess all those prayers were heard. We sure miss all of our friends in Provo though!


We bought a car. We love it! It gets great gas mileage!


We adopted (my Dad likes to say stole :)) Honey from home. I like to remind Dad that he and Mom said that they had too many dogs when Honey showed up and didn’t want to keep her…I did. Mom and Dad just got a new puppy (Nelli, a German Short Haired Pointer) and it was the perfect excuse to help take a dog off their hands :). She is the perfect dog. So sweet.  


November 7, 2013-We found out I am pregnant! Such a rush of so many emotions. We are SO excited. We are having a little girl due July 14 (Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding anniversary)! We can’t wait!!!! I am SO excited to be over with the nauseuas, awful feeling that I had for months (that seemed like an eternity).  I’ve never thrown up so much in my life. I’ve thrown up in the snow, in a bucket, in my hands(gross!!), on the side of the road, in my trash can at school….and the list goes on! I only made it to the toilet once throughout all my throwing up spells. Poor Korbin.  He’s been a saint through all this especially on our 30 hour road trip to from UT to AL. I threw up right before we left at his parent’s house, a few hours later in my handy-dandy throw up bag, and then a few hours after that in a BIG GULP cup. After I threw up at his parent’s house at 5:00 a.m, Korbin asked me if I just wanted to leave the next day. Threw the tears, I said absolutely not. I couldn’t wait to get home and hug my family’s neck.




I have the tiniest baby bump…not visible except if you look at my bare tummy. I’ll make sure I post a picture when it is noticeable! I’m still sporting my pre-pregnancy jeans (buttoned and zipped to the top) at 19 weeks pregnant…I don’t want to buy maternity jeans until I absolutley have to!

On our road trip, we were able to go through Oklahoma and Arkansas and see some old college friends and people Korbin taught on his mission. It was really fun to meet and visit with them! On the second day while we were eating dinner with our friend, Winston, I mentioned to  Korbin that maybe we could go all the way through to AL instead of spending another night in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. He wasn’t too sure about the idea and I wasn’t either. The more I got thinking about it, the more I just wanted to be home and NOT be in the car anymore! We did it and we were so tired! We didn’t tell Mom and Dad that we were going to be home 10 hours early. We surprised them and were home when they got home for church. When the garage door opened, I stood right by the back door (our car was hidden down the street). My mom screamed so loud when she opened the door, Mitchell thought she had seen a mouse. I loved it. We were excited that got to see Carter before he left to go to back to Utah. 

Korbin graduated from BYU December 2013. They do not have a Commencement in December, so I made him put on my cap and gown and pose for some pictures (in the falling snow)…such a good sport! We were glad to say goodbye to early mornings, late nights, studying, tests, and never seeing each other!


This, in no way, catches me up. But at least it is something!!!

Thanks again, Alissa for the push to blog! I needed it!