Rodney Atkins signed my shirt

Sort of…

Korbin found really cheap tickets to see Rodney Atkins. We got some of our good friends to go with us. It rarely ever rains in Provo but it sure rained on us before the concert started. We were soaked. I am glad we all remembered to bring our umbrellas!

After the concert was over, we were walking back to our car and stopped to take a picture by his van.  There was a huge crowd that started forming and we realized that he was RIGHT THERE! Well Korbin told me I should try to get my picture taken so I went and pushed my way closer and closer.  I got so close that the sharpie he had to sign things with marked on my white shirt sleeve.  Then I heard from Rodney, “I am so sorry. I  think I just marked on you!” Well you can bet I got my picture after that…maybe it wasn’t his real signature, but I’ll still claim it!


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