My worst fear.

Needles…anything with needles. Sometimes when I am sewing, I can’t think too much about the needle that is in my hand or on my sewing machine. It’s pathetic.

Well, on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, I had to get over my worst fear.
Kyle had called me about a two weeks earlier and told me that all of the siblings would need to be tested for see if their bone marrow would be a match for Kyle, if he needed it.  I knew right off the bat that I would be the PERFECT match.  I dreaded the day the kit would come into the mail from UAB. I was happy that I could do this for Kyle…and he was so sweet to me to tell me how grateful he was that I would do it (because he knows how embarrassingly scared I am of needles and blood).  When the kit came, I told Korbin I did not want to see the test tubes, the needle, nothing.  He did a great job of hiding all that from me.

A lady from Korbin’s home ward is an EMT.  Thankfully, she could do it and I didn’t have to go to a doctor’s office (heaven forbid!). I may or may not have had tears rolling down my face when Korbin knocked on her door.  I was terrified…but this lady was so nice.  I felt all the signs of fainting but thankfully I never did! In a couple of minutes it was over and I HAD DONE IT! We overnighted the tubes off to UAB.  The lab results took a few days…but I already knew.  UAB called me 3 days later and thanked me for sending in the blood sample and that I was ,of course, the perfect match for Kyle Bess.

Thankfully, Kyle will not be needing a transplant from me…but just in case, we know that this girl is a match! I would be happy to do it if there ever was a case where he needed a transplant…Kyle would just have to deal with this psycho woman in the hospital :)


One thought on “My worst fear.

  1. Look how much Mitchell has grown in a year!! Abby, Just catching up on your blog…. wish I could send you a Sconyers’ tomato for that last recipe!!
    Elizabeth S.

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