2011 (in April!)-better late than never, right?

January: I rang in the New Year with Mr. Blunck

February: Skiing with my family…and the time Korbin asked my Dad to marry me :)


April:  Kyle graduated from BYU, Mom came to Utah, I interviewed and got a teaching internship in 2nd grade, and Becca came back from New Zealand!

May: Finished up classes at BYU and got ready for the prettiest wedding you’ve ever seen!

June:  said goodbye to the single life

July: 7/9/11=best day ever, Carter left on his mission, we were honeymooners, moved into our “cute, little” house, had a reception in Utah

August: Became a teacher, Korbin started school, and I turned 21.

September: I was in full swing teaching them youngins and Korbin was learning stuff that I don’t understand, but he does!

October: Pretended to be back in the 70s and went to Conference.

November: was great! We had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Blunck House! (need to find those pictures still!)

December: Went to the Salt Lake Temple and saw the lights, decorated our first Christmas tree, and spent Christmas in BAMA

I have had this written since February (still late, I know!)…better late than never!

Next posts-Teacher vest and graduation!


One thought on “2011 (in April!)-better late than never, right?

  1. LOVED this year in review, and no it’s NEVER to late to write about anything:) I’m always months and months behind. Isn’t that crazy to look back on what an eventful year 2011 was for you and your new family. I love the picture of Korbin and you decorating your Christmas tree.

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