i’m on a roll!

Two posts in two days?!?! That hasn’t happened much lately.

A peek into my green and leprechaun filled classroom…

I found out that the Cricut is my new best friend.  If you look closely, you will notice that all their names are cut out.  I questioned my sanity while doing it, but it will all be worth it when I send those portfolios home!

(Loved the leprechaun idea I found on What The Teacher Wants!)

I filled out a lot of report cards.

Made a few contracts…oh second graders!

Just met with every student about each topic, wrote a few with a little help from students :) and  bound 25 animal reports (in my free time ;)) I was so proud of everything they did.  It was so fun to show them and give them to their parents at parent teacher conferences.

I chalked the cutest leprechaun but it didn’t save on my phone.  Be on the look out for it!

Happy Thursday (it’s a Friday for me! no school for me tomorrow!)


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