If I had a pot of gold…

It’s 7:00 on a Wednesday night, and yes I am still at school! Since I have a break between parent teacher conferences and my brain continually thinks in Elementary mode (Just look at my pinterest :)) I decided I would write a little bit about gold.

My kids have written a lot about gold since it is almost St. Patrick’s Day. But if I found a pot of gold, I would…

First, bribe our renter to let us get a four legged friend :)

And then I would buy children’s book.  Yep. I’m a teacher, for sure.  It’s like Christmas morning when a Scholastic book orders come in. (Thank goodness for those teacher reward points!)

Here are some of my top picks that I would like to collect for my little library.

Along with a list of many, many more that I have listed in my to-do list book (that I treasure so much and would be so lost with out) including Madeline, How Big is Foot?, Stephanie’s Ponytail, Pig Pigger and Piggest, and The Rainbow Fish. 


2 thoughts on “If I had a pot of gold…

  1. Good picks Abby! It won’t take you long to fill your classroom library. I love Scholastic book orders too! Do you do the Bucket fillers in your classroom? I just started this year and my class loves it!!

  2. Abby, I love the bulletin board with all the names cut out with the Cricut!! All of your things look so AWESOME!!! I know the parents will hate to see 2nd grade end. You have truly found your niche in teaching. I want to see your classroom!!! But I guess I will settle for seeing pictures!!!
    We have teacher work day today – no kids to test!!
    E. Sconyers

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