tough as a 2 dollar steak.

That is a Bess saying right there and it’s exactly what Kyle is…tough as a 2 dollar steak! 

Korbin and I were so lucky to get to go see Kyle last weekend.  We flew out early Friday morning and got back to Provo Tuesday morning (2:00 a.m. to be exact!).  It was so worth it.  It made all the difference for me to see Kyle.  He was the same Kyle.  Funny, cute, and still watching Sports Center.  I loved it.

As many of you know, I have what my mom has termed as “hospitalphobia.”  I know I was getting help from above while I was in that HUGE hospital at UAB.  I even stayed with Kyle on Friday night! I didn’t even feel like I was going to faint the whole time I was there…with IV poles and all! (maybe one day I can have a baby! hahaha) To say the least, I was very proud of myself.  I was so glad I could stay there. I wish I could be there and stay there more!

Daddy (Dr. Bess) has given strict instructions for Kyle to walk around the hospital a lot.  Mom, Kyle, and I took a nice little “jog” through the hospital.  Kyle was cracking me up.  He is not letting this cancer get to him.  Here is he jogging through the hospital floors with his IV pole in one hand and a Mountain Dew in another.  It was definitely one of the highlights of my stay.

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Thank you again for all the prayers and support you have given my family.  My angel of a mother has been staying with Kyle almost every night at the hospital.  In the last 2 weeks, she has slept in a bed 3 times! The others have been on the slippery, slidy chair right next to Kyle’s bed.  She says she has slept better there than she has in a bed! We are seeing so many blessings throughout this trial that are not only helping Kyle battle this cancer but helping our family be comforted and at peace during this time.


One thought on “tough as a 2 dollar steak.

  1. Just look at you running after that I-V pole and needles!!! I can’t believe my eyes!!!
    I am soo proud of you Abby! What a trooper!
    I know how hard it is to be around that hospital stuff!

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