Christmas at my house

family time

buckeyes (chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness)

a real christmas tree

decorating the tree as a family

dad telling us where to put the ornaments

flying home (and being unbelievably excited!!!)

hot punch (yum!)

mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls

walking down the stairs (in birth order, of course!)

phone calls from brother missionaries!

making a large, sticky mess in the kitchen with mom

kenny g. christmas music

reading the christmas story in luke

hearing Papa read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with his Santa hat

christmas songs

cute christmas platters

I love Christmas! I’m so excited to share Christmas with Korbin this year in ALABAMA!


One thought on “Christmas at my house

  1. Abby Bess!!! oh my!!!! can i say we do almost all of those things too!!!! omg-osh on the
    “hilarious-ness” !!! we always walk down in birth order too! bahaha!! as a matter of fact, i think we are spending the night at my parents christmas eve…. JUST SO MY BOYS CAN WALK DOWNSTAIRS IN BIRTH ORDER!!!!! This makes me smile at 5 am… it’s gonna make this a good day!! please text me when u come to town just so I atleast know u will be at church!!!

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