picture dump!

This week has been a crazy, busy one. It has also been a great one! I am almost done with my TESOL minor!!! I am so excited! This is what I have been busy doing for some of my lessons and Thanksgiving!

I made these cute cloud people to teach the different types of clouds (idea from inspired apple)

I also made this frog (that I can’t get enough of!) to teach the parts of a letter.

Sunday afternoon ride up the Alpine Loop.

We were 70’s people for Halloween (original I know:)).

We bought pumpkins from a pumpkin patch but never got around to carving them.

Korbin’s parents had a cat show up at their house that had been sprayed by a skunk. Korbin so willingly named it Skunk. A few weeks later they found out she was having kittens…5 adorable kittens!

see any resemblance???

Blackie’s kittens that I pushed around in strollers many times.


3 thoughts on “picture dump!

  1. Abby boo!!!!!! Love this blog – it is sooooo creative – love those fonts and the Apple-inspired clouds! I have a new IPAD and just learning how to FaceTime etc – Kyle says I can download a Skype app and see you and Korbin! Your mom says y’all had some cooking time “together” :) ……..Uncle mike says he’d like to see a new recipe this weekend but sure wish you both were here in person!

    We love you!
    aunt Susan

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