labels, pilgrims, indians, files, and electricity

I love teaching. I never know what will happen each day. Somebody might be mad at me and forget about it after recess and be hugging me non-stop, somebody might punch somebody at recess, somebody might need a band-aid (which I have come to find is the cure-all…YES, for my sake, please get a band-aid :)), somebody might say a bad word when trying to sound out a word, somebody might not remember how to whisper, and somebody might have to go to the bathroom for the tenth time that day, or maybe the electricity will go out for 2 and a half hours. You just never know at elementary school.

The electricity went out yesterday for 2 and a half HOURS!!! Things that went through my head were-“really? it’s going turn right back on right? can i keep track of all 23 of these kids in the dark? what are we going to do? we can’t see in our classroom! how am i going to calm these 7 and 8 year olds down? this is going to be a good story.”

We ended up going to the lunchroom which had a big window with another second grade class. Thank goodness for the extra worksheets and games that I had saved. Thank goodness for my whistle (even if I did feel like a P.E. teacher) that got about 50 second graders attention. Thank goodness for Karilyn, the other intern. We laughed and made it through together!

I’ve also been working on organizing my classroom. Holy cow, all you teachers out there, how did you do it??? I have been making files like a mad woman. I’m loving all my cute FREE fonts though!

I’m getting my classroom ready for Thanksgiving. I made some cute Indians and Pilgrims! I will post a picture soon!

I’ve found some good teaching websites with a lot of free printables for anyone who reads this and wants to know about them!

They are….

The Teacher Wife

Doodle Bugs Teaching

I’m loving them.

And just for kicks and because I love this boy to pieces.


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