6 thoughts on “7/9/11

  1. Oh Abby,
    I love love love this video!!!! It was absolutely beautiful!!!! Just wish that SOUTHERN LIVING had been there. I can see it right now as a featured southern wedding!!!!

    I love you!!!
    Aunt Peggy

  2. Oh My Dear Abby,
    I was captivated by the beautiful wedding video! The music was perect ….it’s like being there again with a close-up of all those wonderul details that made it so special. The family pictures are also real treasures. We can’t wait to see you and Korbin during the holidays and hear all about your new home, school and work life. Until then….we love you!
    Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike

  3. It may have taken me 3 times with kids to watch the whole video, but it was WELL worth it! Loved every last picture. Seriously….what a dream wedding! Again I wished as I watched this I was there!

  4. 1. i love it 2. i love it 3. did i mention i love it??? 4. u blowing a whistle in class made me laugh because i can see 2nd graders freaking out and u trying to stay calm!! 5. i keep stock in band-aids…. right now we are working on a box of curious george ones…. we go thru about a box a week. 6. l.o.v.e the wedding video 7. please tell mr blunck to hurry with school so you can move closer to teach my babies!!! 8. every time i see ur mom i get the countdown to how many days before u will be back…. i think we are in the high 40’s or low 50’s???? …SA-WEET!!!


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