1. I about died when I looked at that picture. I bug Korbin about a dog almost every day.

2. Cutest shoes ever.

3. Mom and Dad,we need this for Compass Lake.

4. I want to make this dishtowels. Love the ruffles.

5. It’s true. Korbin had to love my dogs, or it was a no go :)

6. Mummy Pumpkin!

7. Smores with a “Ghost Peep”.  I might do these for my kids!

8. I want to make these pillows!

9. Anything pumpkin! Pumpkin pull apart bread, especially!

10. Ahhhhh, French Bulldogs. I love those ears.

11. I want to crochet like that!

12. Love this quote.

13. I will make these bows and my little girl will one day wear them in her hair, like it or not :). They are too cute.

14. “Sophisticated” Gunner, needs a bowtie collar! I love it!

15. My dream bakery. Love that turquoise color and old-fashioned look.

16. Lucy, I have and always will love this name.


2 thoughts on “16

  1. Watching u do the # game warms my heart Mrs. Blunck! 2. I discovered pinterest and I’m in love! 3. I wanted to post on fb: I’d rather b pinning then updating my fb status…. 4. But then decided not to b.c. That wouldnt make sense if I wanted to b pinning- why would I b stocking fb??? 5. So I decided it needed to b written cute on someones blog and I’ll pin it for my ‘ quotes board’ instead… 6. Did u understand all that???

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