My name is Abby

I’m a 2nd grade teacher, a 1/2 marathon runner, a baker, and I’m a Mormon.


Jeffress has got it all wrong. Visit HERE to find out what we really believe.



1. I about died when I looked at that picture. I bug Korbin about a dog almost every day.

2. Cutest shoes ever.

3. Mom and Dad,we need this for Compass Lake.

4. I want to make this dishtowels. Love the ruffles.

5. It’s true. Korbin had to love my dogs, or it was a no go :)

6. Mummy Pumpkin!

7. Smores with a “Ghost Peep”.  I might do these for my kids!

8. I want to make these pillows!

9. Anything pumpkin! Pumpkin pull apart bread, especially!

10. Ahhhhh, French Bulldogs. I love those ears.

11. I want to crochet like that!

12. Love this quote.

13. I will make these bows and my little girl will one day wear them in her hair, like it or not :). They are too cute.

14. “Sophisticated” Gunner, needs a bowtie collar! I love it!

15. My dream bakery. Love that turquoise color and old-fashioned look.

16. Lucy, I have and always will love this name.

busy busy, dress up, and first day of school!

We are staying busy, that’s for sure!

First day of school for “teacher, teacher” (what I am more commonly called these days!)

I am so mad that my HUGE poster is covering up my skirt. Mom made me the cutest fish skirt to coordinate with my “under the sea” theme for the first day of school.

Korbin’s first day of school

There’s never a dull moment with this young man. He cracks me up!

The classic tourist on our honeymoon.

The intense tennis player..yes, his sweat band says “BYU MATH”. He’s representing.

Oh and just for kicks, I turned 21!

We can be normal, I promise!

Happy Monday!