i am that lucky girl that was born on my daddy’s birthday

I love that my Dad and I share birthdays.  We were talking at church yesterday about our traditions during General Conference weekend. I kept wondering why General Conference weekend was especially special at my house growing up and it was because I got to be with my Dad on a SUNDAY! He is usually so busy going to other wards on Sundays that I never got to sit with him at church. But on those two Sundays of the year, it was watching General Conference with my family, eating Dad’s big Sunday breakfast, and him asking us “what was the last thing he (the speaker) just said” because he knew we had all fallen asleep (and he had too, if the truth be known :))

Love you, Dad!


quick update

1. School is going great! I absolutely love it and would not change it for the world. That does not mean it hasn’t been one of the hardest and most exhausting thing I have ever done; but it has also been the most rewarding and funniest thing I have done as well. I love it!

2.  Korbin started school.  Just to tell you how excited he was to start school, he put it as D-Day on our calendar. But in all honesty, I think he is a smidge excited to start back!

3.  Korbin and I don’t see each other very much between me being gone from 7:15-4:30 and him working and going to school.  So our time together is cherished! We have played tennis, cooked dinner, and watched many Wipeout episodes (and laughed really hard) on hulu in our “free” time.

Life is good (But I sure do miss that family of mine!)

 I pinch those cheeks every time I see him.  COME VISIT ME IN UTAH, MITCHELL!