happenings in the BLUNCK house!

Remember when we planted a garden from a few seeds and some tiny tomato plants? well it has transformed from this….

 to this….

This is the view from our house. We love our house!

Mom came and we hiked the Y!

(I’ll spare mom the other picture, right mom? :))

and we had a picnic on squaw peak!

We went to the Spanish Parade with Korbin’s family!

(this is my new nephew, Josh! Isn’t he so cute?!?!)

We went and saw and Haleigh and Mark’s new baby, Bennett! He is so cute!

Korbin made crepes one sunday morning and I made homemade syrup like the restaurant Magleby’s…that’s for another post with recipe and the story that goes with that syrup  (let’s just say it had vinegar AND baking soda in the same recipe…science experiment material and a big mess!)

We went up Payson Canyon to hike the Grotto! It is beautiful and the water is SO cold!

and last but definitely not least….we got all of our wedding gifts!

and then our house looked like this…and only got worse before it got better!

oh my. how could I forget the new addition to our family? Korbin wanted a BIG whiteboard so bad…and he found one on KSL! He is so excited to use it!

and just in case you were wondering, smores made on the electric stove top are delicious. Also, if you use the jumbo marshmallows, you might need a whole graham cracker :)

peace and blessings!


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