what’s new?

(he’s cuuuttee!-that’s not new though)

1. I start teaching in just a few weeks!

2. Mom came and went! It was so much fun to have her here!

3. We love our house! It is perfect. I can’t wait to get it all settled in and decorated.

4. Carter is in the MTC! He is now a zone leader!!!

5. Kyle started medical school on Monday at UAB-yes, he was going to go to Mobile, but read the story on Kyle and Mekelle‘s blog!

6. Mitchell is still cute as a button. I can’t believe he will be going into 7th grade.

7. Our garden growing! I can’t wait until we have some lettuce, squash, and tomatoes. I’ve already picked a few zinnias!

8. We went to see Haleigh and Mark’s baby, Bennett. He is so darn cute!

9. I have used Lucille (the mixer) a few times in my house…she’s a champ here on 300 N!

10. I am patiently (sort of) waiting for my wedding pictures to be done!!!!


i’m married!


It was a hot, beautiful day in Atlanta, Georgia all the way down to Dothan, Alabama. I’m sure people thought we were crazy for driving all the way back to Dothan after getting married in Atlanta, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was such an honor to wear my mom’s dress and to wear my grandaddy and yaya’s ring on my finger. Not a detail was missed. I had always dreamed of having a reception in my backyard with my mom’s beautiful flowers and mason jars and tiny white lights lighting up the yard. The reception was the prettiest one I have ever seen-it was what I had dreamed of ever since I was a little girl. I can’t thank my mom and dad enough for all that they did to make it such a perfect day. It all seems like such a blur, but it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. It was the best day and I married the best boy in the world and am so excited to spend eternity with him!

For more pictures of the reception, visit Laura’s blog! {http://hoolainthekitchen.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/abby-korbin-2/}