We went to the Mayan in Sandy! It was so much fun!

We’ve planted our garden…we planted zinnias, cosmos, a hydrangea, bell peppers, tomatoes, and squash! we also planted basil and cilantro in a pot. I am more than excited for everything to grow.

I have stocked us up at Costco. I’m obsessed. I can’t wait to go back.

We put together, sealed, and stamped invitiations! It was so fun! Korbin’s parent’s helped us and it went by so fast! Thank you!

Isn’t that handwriting unreal? I love it.

We get married a month from tomorrow!


One thought on “lately…

  1. Yes, I am commenting on your blog AGAIN! Bahhhhhhhh!!!!!! First of all, that handwriting is GORGEOUS! Also, so jealous that you planted a garden and why are you guys the cutest thing of my life?! You are way too domestic and make me feel really bad about myself. Thanks a lot! :) Are you in Provo still? Leaving as soon as the term is over or what? Love you!

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