we called her moose

because we didn’t know what her real name was, so Moose stuck.

Meet Moose-a beautiful chocolate lab.

We went to Korbin’s apartment on Friday night and Moose was there! We both fell in love with her. She is perfectly trained-she can sit and shake.  Since dogs are not allowed at either of our apartments, Korbin’s dad came and picked her up Saturday morning.  We went out to his house and played with her, took her on a walk, and scratched her belly.  She had actually gotten a bad cut somewhere in her runaway process so Korbin’s dad had to put 3 stitches in her! We were about to put this picture on KSL to see if we could find her owners (sadly).  Before we did that, we looked in the lost and found section and there was an add for Moose, better known as Millie. It was really sad telling her goodbye! Haha I get attached way to easy.  I can’t wait to have a “Millie” of our own someday!


One thought on “we called her moose

  1. how nice is that of korbin’s dad?!?!?!?! i have never owned a pet and would love to have a dog. Joe is not convinced so we are still without… =( love chocolate labs and i love the boxy heads like “moose” (atleast in the picture it looks boxy!) sorry u had to say good-bye, it just means u get to start with a puppy!

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