spring time, mom, graduation, boiled peanuts on the Y, easter, engagement pictures

It looks like spring is here! I just hope it’s here to stay!

Mom got to be a guest in MY apartment and I loved it.

Kyle graduated from BYU in Exercise Science!

Korbin and I hiked the Y and I brought boiled peanuts that came back with me straight from AL! I bet that was the first time those mountain had seen boiled peanuts!

We dyed easter eggs on Easter!

And finally, we are taking engagement pictures tomorrow! We were supposed to take them last Friday but it was blizzarding (yes, it was almost May and it looked and felt like January…oh Utah!). We then rescheduled for Saturday and it was freezing still and there was snow on the ground. So finally we rescheduled for tomorrow and it is going be 76 degrees! Heavenly!


3 thoughts on “spring time, mom, graduation, boiled peanuts on the Y, easter, engagement pictures

  1. here we go…. 1. when i saw ur parents on screen in the temple dedication, joe had to remind me to be reverent because i kept pointing at them while the choir was singing…2. yay for kyle’s graduation! boo for 2 less brothers being out there in the fall 3. seeing ur mom in ur kitchen eating a yummy breakfast made me smile… and i was diggin that top and bangle she had on! 4. I LOVE THAT KORBIN WEARS UR APRONS AND HAS NO SHAME….bahahahaha… it’s awesome-ness with emphasis on the -NESS!!!!! 5. July will be here before u know it, can’t wait to see graduation pics!

  2. That’s all so fabulous. I love your Mom and is that her yummy meatloaf you guys are having? She made that after I had my 3rd son. It’d oh so good. Happy to hear that life has been treating you well. Good luck with the photos. I know they’ll be gorgeous.

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