no matter what state i’m in…

i’m in a southern state of mind!

(southern tide shirt=love)

p.s. only one more final to go!!!!!


4 thoughts on “no matter what state i’m in…

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :) Then bake some sweet treats and mail them to me. Sweet treats are always better when your hyper sis makes them, even if its the same recipe you use yourself.

    love you!

  2. I agree with laura… but only after lots of sleep girlfriend!! 60 more days will FLY FLY FLY!! so glad u get to see ur mom lots this month!! mothers truly do make everything better!… ask if she will take ur finals for u?!?!?!?! good luck! I know u will do a GR8T job!!!

  3. I’m sending this because tonight i was looking at my blog roll and watching for updates from my favorite gals… and then it dawned on me… THIS IS A GOOD DAY FOR U! so i’m sending this because i know it will make ur phone buzz at 9:45 tonight. I hope u r having too much fun with ur mom and bestie back from across the world… wedding bells will soon be ringing and u will have these memories forever!! have a super weekend with family!!!!

  4. Abby,

    Have a great Spring Semester!! I know you had fun with BREEENDA last weekend.
    See you soon!!!

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