A friend is a brother who once was a bother.

I’m going to miss these two next year. I keep forgetting they won’t be here with me…but medical school and a mission are better choices than just hanging out in (snowy/wet/rainy/cloudy/cold) Provo.

Mom, can Mitchell come live with me next year?


2 thoughts on “A friend is a brother who once was a bother.

  1. Some say Mitchell will keep us young… I better keep him for a while!!! Maybe an extended visit! I’m sure he could help with your second graders! Love those tennis boys. Coach Henry would be proud of Carter wearing his “Raider Nation” shirt!

  2. I hear my friends always talk about the joy of sisters….. But having brothers is where it’s at! Because 1. That’s who we cut up with during church (I think I got in trouble with by my mom for laughing too hard while playing a game of m.a.s.h. With my brother Kyle just a year ago!) 2. They won’t steal ur clothes, shoes, or boyfriends… 3. They give great advice on the male species and …. Just wait…. 5.They r awesome uncles! 6. Having brothers is best kept secret….! I know u will miss them soooo much!

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