the post everyone is asking for

will come soon!

but just for a preview…

korbin blunck and abby bess

atlanta temple

july 9, 2011 (7-9-11)

we are so excited!

in other news…just call me Mrs. Blunck, the 2nd grade teacher! I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!!

I’ll be teaching second grade at Larsen Elementary School!! I need someone to slap me so I can really know that I am truly engaged and a real teacher!

{please excuse that I look like a second grader myself in this picture…I promise I am well qualified and prepared to teach those cute second graders!!!}


3 thoughts on “the post everyone is asking for

  1. Whoops. That last comment was supposed to go here. But I’m sending the love and congrats your way. You guys are the cutest couple everrrr. That picture of you two is darling. A huge CONGRATS to you Future Mrs. Blunck on the internship. What a great reason to PAR-TAY.

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