the post everyone is asking for

will come soon!

but just for a preview…

korbin blunck and abby bess

atlanta temple

july 9, 2011 (7-9-11)

we are so excited!

in other news…just call me Mrs. Blunck, the 2nd grade teacher! I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!!

I’ll be teaching second grade at Larsen Elementary School!! I need someone to slap me so I can really know that I am truly engaged and a real teacher!

{please excuse that I look like a second grader myself in this picture…I promise I am well qualified and prepared to teach those cute second graders!!!}


to say i love it is an understatement

This week in 3rd Grade…

-taught a lesson about slides, flips, and turns… I let them trace and cut out their hands then glue them on a sheet to demonstrate each move.  I had no idea how long it takes third graders to do such a thing! They loved it. They took a test today and they got it! I can’t tell you how happy that made me…I was sitting in the back grading papers just smiling because I taught them this and it WORKED!

-hung up art work for parent/teacher conference

-wrote lesson plans

-taught the cursive “I” and “J”…and incorporated “Jimmer” into it. It was awesome.

-taught “DOL” (Daily Oral Language)

-graded a lot of papers

-gave a spelling test (for the first time) …I made up funny sentences. They loved it.

-reflected…us El Ed majors like to kid around that this is 95% of our life.

-witnessed a parent/teacher conference

-wore a badge with my name and fingerprint on it…yep, still feeling official.

-planned in my lesson schedule book

-laughed a lot in the car with the girls I carpool with

-ate in the faculty room with all the “real teachers”–I remember being so excited to do this when I shadowed a teacher my senior year of high school.

-was the “duty” at recess

felt the rewards of being a teacher… and let me tell you, that is a good feeling.

just a random picture of us bess kids…It may look like we are torturing Mitchell. But he seriously asks us to this to him. He loves to wrestle and mess around…and that is an understatement. HE’S GOING TO BE IN 7th GRADE NEXT YEAR….when did that happen????

teach me how to jimmer

I’m a fan…are you?? I’m watching the game tomorrow..are you?

I taught the cursive “J” in third grade today and they have to practice words with the capital J…obviously I chose to practice with the word Jimmer (I think I gained some cool points from some of those cute kiddos).