like a kid in a candy store…

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” {Walt Disney}

In my Friday class we got our books that we ordered from scholastic book! I was so excited! I wish I had time to just sit down and read them all!

I was on such a children’s book high this weekend I decided to go to DI {Deseret Industries…like good will} and look at their children’s books. I have heard from multiple people that this is the place to get your books for cheap prices! They did not disappoint! I’m glad I had to leave for the gym by 11:30 or I would have stayed there all day.  I’d say $20.00 for 12 books is not bad at all! (the cheapest book was $.75 and the most expensive was $3.00!) They even had Blueberries for Sal! I remember my mom reading that book to me when I was little; it is definitely one of my favorites.



3 thoughts on “like a kid in a candy store…

  1. i’m sure u have heard of the book “honey for a child’s heart” … if u haven’t i’d take a gander… it’s a guide to the absolute best books for children based on age/grade level… sometimes i get overwhelmed over which books i should get for the boys little “library” of books, and this book takes lots of guess work out! hope ur skiing weekend was THE BEST! u are going to be an awesome teacher… u need to come back and teach my boys….SO HURRY HOME SOON!!!!!!!!!

    • I love ordering books from Scholastic too! And what’s even more fun is organizing them in your little “library” in your own classroom!

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