sweet home alabama…

i’m coming home to you!!!!

Finals are done (thank goodness!) and I am heading home tonight! I’m so excited to spend time in the kitchen with mom baking up a storm! I’m also really excited to be around all my boys. I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some yummy Christmas treats!


i cried of pure joy {and because i missed them so}.

Last night, me, Rebecca, and Cliff (Becca’s boyfrandddd :)) went to see watch our cute first graders at their Christmas Program. The theme was the “12 days of First Grade”, I was so proud of them… I can’t imagine how proud I will be of my future students that I see every day!

Meet Clifford.

The Program was absolutely amazing! Like this title said, I cried when I saw those kids up on the stage. I was just so proud of them. I saw them practice, and practice, and practice their poem the whole time I was there. It made me so happy to see all the kids. They’re faces lit up when they saw me and Miss Johnson :) It’s so funny, they get us mixed up so bad.  I got very used to responding to Miss Johnson, and Rebecca got used to responding to Miss Bess. They could never remember, no matter how many times we reminded them our names.  And when they would introduce us to their parents, they were just sure that I was Miss Johnson, and Rebecca was Miss Bess. It was cracking us up.

I got a picture with some of the kids, but because of privacy reasons, I can’t put them on here. It makes me so sad, because I know that y’all would fall in love with them if you could just see their precious faces.

I don’t know what in the world I am going to do without her next semester. She is my other half and it’s hilarious how many people notice our friendship…even our teachers! I love it and her!

In front of our classroom!

In front of our school!

we missed you korbin!

we went to “The Pie”, a pizza place, after the program! It was so delicious! We laughed a lot and stuffed our faces, that’s for sure!

I’ll leave you with this gem of the night…

Cliff is a really funny guy. We are sporting the “bootie bump”.