Provo Halloween Half Marathon 2010

13.1 miles later…we were so happy!

I forgot just how fun running races are…when the adrenaline kicks in it’s a blast! we all did it without stopping! me and korbin’s goal was to do it under 2 hours and we did it!!! It was so awesome and was so glad he did it with me! The race went by so fast…before we knew it we were on mile 10 and just had 3 more to go! There were so many people there (over 2500) and many were dressed up in some ridiculous costumes, especially to run 13 miles in. For example, a man in front of me was running in jeans, a button up shirt, and a cowboy hat. I saw numerous “runaway brides”, a boy scout, and a shirtless superman (it was freezing at the beginning!!!)! I’m so glad we did it again this year! If you’re ever in the Provo area around Halloween you should join me! Last year, we could not walk after the race because it is very steep decline in the beginning and we did not train like that. But this year I am sore, but I can still move! Thank goodness!


2 thoughts on “Provo Halloween Half Marathon 2010

  1. I love the pictures! Congratulations to the first and second year runners! Looks like so much fun, except that I would never be able to walk/run again!

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