i’m lucky

because i got to go to this event at byu last thursday night

i read nienie dialogues every day and am practically obsessed with how stephanie nielson lives her life and is able to cope with everything she has been through. when becca showed me the flyer for the event last thursday i knew i had to go! i am so glad that i went. she told her story, how she lives her life, and how she has moved on. it will soon be broadcasted on her website and i would definitely recommend anyone to watch, women especially.

i posted this mormon message video that was about her a few months ago, but this is how she started off her talk. i can’t wait to watch her talk again.

korbin was a trooper and went with me…it was put on by women’s services. I should have known there would not have been many boys there {because everyone there was probably a blog stalker of hers just like me :)}. it was really funny because he got there and said, “it looks like i’m a little outnumbered” :) but he was not the only boy there, that’s for sure. her story was so great and i think everybody could benefit from hearing it.


One thought on “i’m lucky

  1. Abby, I am so glad that you got to go! I cannot wait to see the video on her blog. Corben is a real trooper!!! Kudos to him for going!!!

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