boiled peanuts: the south’s finest delight

once upon a time, korbin had never seen a peanut field

we easily checked that off while he was in the great state of alabama. he also had his first boiled peanut there too! surprisingly he liked it!

we told his parents about boiled peanuts and they just could not grasp the concept, so mom sent out a can of boiled peanuts for the blunck family to enjoy…

his mom made the funniest face when she first tried them…she did not like them one bit! his dad was questionable, he said he didn’t like them, but then i saw him go back for more and more :)

Korbin’s dad has engineered “the can organizer”  and has a website and he decided that he could get the south rolling on the idea if they saw a picture like this…

you’re missing out if you’ve never had a boiled peanut!


One thought on “boiled peanuts: the south’s finest delight

  1. What a great looking family! And hats off to anyone who lives OUT of the South for being brave enough to even try boiled peanuts! And to think—Korbin LIKED them! Good guy! YaYa

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