4-wheeling in the canyon

utah is a lot different than alabama in many ways, but for instance here in utah it gets cold at night in august…can you alabamians believe that? haha but korbin didn’t bring a jacket to go four-wheeling in so he borrowed a jacket from roger’s (who we went four-wheeling with) dad…it looks like it was straight from the 80’s huh?

the trail we go on is so neat and pretty. it ends with all the windmills at the end (scary, right mom?) :). it is such a pretty view with all the lights you can see in the valley.

the last time we went on the four wheelers, the dust got in our eyes so bad. so this time, we decided to be “legit” riders and bring our goggles :)

and look at this gem i found on my old camera


One thought on “4-wheeling in the canyon

  1. dear abby- let me begin by commenting on korbin’s amazing fashion sense… the wind breakin pastel number is too KEWL for school! second, i’m sorry zumba didn’t work out (when the sun, stars and moon align we will dance dance dance….i even got my mom to come to my class TWICE and she loved it! THIRD- i’m so sorry my comments have been lacking. i have been so busy i haven’t read a single blog in FOREVER! but i did have a quick 5 and jumped online just to see what you posted this evening… awwwww! you did not disappoint… LOVED IT ALL! FOURTH- let’s discuss this amazingly EPIC looking pot pie and pea’s meal my mouth is still watering over….A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! FIFTH- the handshake smack talk …. HILARIOUS! oh, the men in our lives! what would happen if we had had sisters instead??? thanks for being an awesome blogger!

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