ready for the weekend!

i’m so excited for general conference this weekend and to be able to go to temple square again!

thank you dad for the conference tickets! wish y’all were coming!



i made this for dinner last night (and am currently eating the left overs right now). it is so delicious…you should go make it for dinner tonight. for the wild rice, i just used 4 boxes of rice-a-roni wild rice! and for the chicken i used a rotisserie chicken.

carter came over for dinner last night too. he is so darn funny. he can make his stomach look pregnant, its great but the picture doesn’t do it justice!

call me crazy but i’m training for another half marathon …6 miles on saturday and yesterday has done me in! but i love it! anyone else training for one??? you should!

here’s me, becca, and mekelle after our first half marathon last year…such a good feeling!

i have the best roommates

“friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.”

i love her so much…we have a lot of fun, which results in a lot of laughter.

meet michael and sarah…have you met them yet? i can’t remember

we took a lot of pictures of the 4 of us too, but my computer won’t upload those…so you’ll just have to wait for those :)

{i have to brag on my skirt though, mom made it!!! i am in love with it..she’s so awesome! i miss you mom!}

boiled peanuts: the south’s finest delight

once upon a time, korbin had never seen a peanut field

we easily checked that off while he was in the great state of alabama. he also had his first boiled peanut there too! surprisingly he liked it!

we told his parents about boiled peanuts and they just could not grasp the concept, so mom sent out a can of boiled peanuts for the blunck family to enjoy…

his mom made the funniest face when she first tried them…she did not like them one bit! his dad was questionable, he said he didn’t like them, but then i saw him go back for more and more :)

Korbin’s dad has engineered “the can organizer” ¬†and has a website and he decided that he could get the south rolling on the idea if they saw a picture like this…

you’re missing out if you’ve never had a boiled peanut!

true blue cougar

i’m so proud of him and happy he is here!

and i’m so happy that kyle got an interview with university of alabama birmingham medical school at the end of the month!

and i just plain miss mitchell

and my momma and daddy…oh how i love them!

(they are so funny: we made mom go off the top dock for mine and dad’s birthday…dad was “helping” her)

4-wheeling in the canyon

utah is a lot different than alabama in many ways, but for instance here in utah it gets cold at night in august…can you alabamians believe that? haha but korbin didn’t bring a jacket to go four-wheeling in so he borrowed a jacket from roger’s (who we went four-wheeling with) dad…it looks like it was straight from the 80’s huh?

the trail we go on is so neat and pretty. it ends with all the windmills at the end (scary, right mom?) :). it is such a pretty view with all the lights you can see in the valley.

the last time we went on the four wheelers, the dust got in our eyes so bad. so this time, we decided to be “legit” riders and bring our goggles :)

and look at this gem i found on my old camera

half of my heart

first concert: john mayer

with: korbin blunck!

korbin got us tickets to see john mayer in concert for my birthday! we went last week and it was so much fun! i wish johnny boy was coming back this weekend because i would definitely go see him again. he is better live than he is on his cd’s believe it or not (even if he was high or drunk). he was a great performer and it was great first concert :) my favorite song he played was why georgia…he did an intro to it by singing “sittin’ on the dock of the bay”…mm mmmm.