thank goodness for good directions and turnip greens.

one of the best weekends of my life was last weekend when korbin came to sweet home alabama. i wish we could rewind it and do it all over exactly the same.

dad had talked real big about how he was going to give korbin a good talking to, along with guns, breaking his two hands, etc… i was worried, but i knew dad would be sweet as sugar and he was. i texted carter as soon as me and korbin landed and said “tell dad no jokes”…he replied back, “he’s got a pistol in each pocket”. it has been a lot of fun listening to what dad was “gonna” do. supposively they (dad, carter, and mitchell) talked about handshakes all the way to the panama city airport (while mom sat in the passenger seat quiet and nervous for us-more for korbin) “If he does this…then this”. Well Korbin passed the handshake test with flying colors. Haha my family is so weird! I love it.

i’ve got a lot to update y’all on. but for now i’m gonna enjoy my house, the smell of it, my dogs, the sugary floor in the kitchen (evidence of me being in it all day-recipe soon!), thunderstorms, humidity, and most importantly my family.


2 thoughts on “thank goodness for good directions and turnip greens.

  1. I am so glad you are in Alabama… Even though we are still 215 miles apart, I feel better knowing my hyper sister is close by!! I’m glad Korbin passed the Bess Test!!! It’s probably best he didn’t see us together just yet… That may have scared him.

    I can’t wait to use my cupcake liners and flags!!! I think I just may use one of your recipes to fill them :) THank you again!! Please post a recipe soon.

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