rollin’ down the {provo} river

isn’t it pretty? this picture is very deceiving. it was absolutely freezing. when you touched the water it felt like little needles going into your skin. there’s no swimming in this river (for me at least), just floating. but i’m used to water being like bath water in alabama. i’m afraid if you got your whole body wet you might contract hypothermia in the provo river.  what can you expect though, it’s melted snow! it’s such a beautiful ride with rapids, bridges, and cold, cold water!

mitchell enjoyed his 75 cent water gun, especially when he aimed right and got us all wet.

and this concludes mitchell’s short visit to provo, utah. COME BACK!


2 thoughts on “rollin’ down the {provo} river

  1. i am noticing a LOT of pictures of a particular male…. is there something u need to tell me? am i going to meet him in aug??? hey, if he comes, he could come to… ZUMBA!!!! (oh, yea, IT’S A WOMEN’S GYM!)

  2. What a fun trip for Mitchell! Seems that he got EVERYONE’S undivided attention! Had a lot to say about that cute guy with you……all good!

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