a teacher is one who, in his youth, admired teachers. {H.L Mencken}

that was me when i was in school. oh yes. i wanted to be the one that graded those papers and got to write on the chalkboard.

that’s 28 children’s books i got at the library. my arms almost broke off carrying them to my car. i enjoyed every minute of it. i’m proud to say that my time consist of reading children’s books.

i had my last children’s literature class tonight and got teary eyed at the end. my teacher {mrs. julie} was the absolute best. i wanted to just go give her a hug and thank her at the end. i wish i would have. i would give anything to be the teacher i know she was. i learned so much in this class and my notebook is my prized possession. she gave us things that we will actually use. mrs julie treated us like her kids. she would always say “because i’m your mother…”. she has been the best teacher i have had at BYU. I wish i could do all over again!

all  in all i can’t wait to be a teacher.


2 thoughts on “a teacher is one who, in his youth, admired teachers. {H.L Mencken}

  1. Hey! I love your enthusiasm!! I wish you could help me get my room ready. I’m totally re-doing it. I’m changing my theme from Hollywood to Team Work/Sports. You will be an awesome teacher!!

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