susie q

did i tell ya’ll that my aunt susan came and it was a blast??? oh my goodness. she’s hilarious.

we did a lot of



getting lattes

laughing at “jacob”


we did so many fun things! i loved her being here! i hope she had as good of a time as i did while she was here!

ohhh jacob. where to begin with you! so me and becca got two new roommates (post on that soon) and they brought jacob to keep us company! ya’ll, this thing is the scariest piece of cardboard ever. it scares me silly, i think i’ve finally got used to him (i think).  but he scared aunt susan just as much and it was fun to mess with her using jacob as my tool! he made us laugh a lot! we would play tricks on each other by moving jacob around my apartment so neither one of us would know where he would be next (but we knew he would scare us no matter where he was)

alright ya’ll probably know that i’m a die hard alabama lover (and i kinda feel bad admitting that utah can be pretty, i kinda feel like alabama might get “jealous”) but this is just 10 minutes away from my apartment. oh my goodness, it is beautiful!

we hiked up to stewart falls last friday morning up in sundance! i have never seen a waterfall that close before! but this is kyle and aunt susan on our way up to the fall!

i spy kyle bess. he was a nut. he got so close to the waterfall! it was gorgeous!

aunt susie q i love you!

muscle man!

so pretty!

this picture is kind of random, but me and aunt susan cooked a southern meal and what is a southern meal without fresh flowers on the table??? well liberty square has beautiful roses all around the complex. me and aunt susan sneakily confiscated some of them and put them to good use! they needed to be picked right??

thanks aunt susan for a great time! i miss ya already!


One thought on “susie q

  1. oh my goodness Kristen and Claire had that SAME poster in their apartment this year!!! It scared them all the time too!!!

    I’m jealous of your hike. Can I come next time? Thanks.

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