lots of slippin’ and slidin’

we had a ward activity this past saturday at rock canyon! the hot and sunny weather was thoroughly enjoyed (maybe we are done with the snow now? who knows). I love my new ward.

mom: this is haley. the red head i keep talking about. she is so fun.

trying to catch a football. shoot. who am i kidding? i can’t catch a football even if my two feet are planted on the ground!

the slip-n-slide was so long and down a steep hill…you went so fast that you skid on the grass for a good ten feet after you got off the tarp. we all are sore and a little cut up today, but it was so worth it.

can you tell how intense it is?

some people went as far as those puddles. you see that guy in the bright swimsuit on the left? we think he’s cosmo, but he’s not aloud to tell…he did a backflip and landed on the slip-n-slide. the boys were crazy, i’m surprised there weren’t any broken bones!

i love byu.


3 thoughts on “lots of slippin’ and slidin’

  1. these slides look like a great idea for a ym/yw activity!! sooo great!! i can’t believe that hill…. from the sounds of the sliding on the grass you probably would need a wet suit to avoid grass burn…. YIKES!

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