baking party…my kind of party.

text from josh after church: can we have a baking party at your place sometime tonight?

make my day! absolutely. we made becca’s favorite cookie and played bananagrams between timers! it was so fun. i made everybody wear an apron, even the boys and there were plenty to go around! we’re making it a sunday night tradition!


susie q

did i tell ya’ll that my aunt susan came and it was a blast??? oh my goodness. she’s hilarious.

we did a lot of



getting lattes

laughing at “jacob”


we did so many fun things! i loved her being here! i hope she had as good of a time as i did while she was here!

ohhh jacob. where to begin with you! so me and becca got two new roommates (post on that soon) and they brought jacob to keep us company! ya’ll, this thing is the scariest piece of cardboard ever. it scares me silly, i think i’ve finally got used to him (i think). ¬†but he scared aunt susan just as much and it was fun to mess with her using jacob as my tool! he made us laugh a lot! we would play tricks on each other by moving jacob around my apartment so neither one of us would know where he would be next (but we knew he would scare us no matter where he was)

alright ya’ll probably know that i’m a die hard alabama lover (and i kinda feel bad admitting that utah can be pretty, i kinda feel like alabama might get “jealous”) but this is just 10 minutes away from my apartment. oh my goodness, it is beautiful!

we hiked up to stewart falls last friday morning up in sundance! i have never seen a waterfall that close before! but this is kyle and aunt susan on our way up to the fall!

i spy kyle bess. he was a nut. he got so close to the waterfall! it was gorgeous!

aunt susie q i love you!

muscle man!

so pretty!

this picture is kind of random, but me and aunt susan cooked a southern meal and what is a southern meal without fresh flowers on the table??? well liberty square has beautiful roses all around the complex. me and aunt susan sneakily confiscated some of them and put them to good use! they needed to be picked right??

thanks aunt susan for a great time! i miss ya already!

meet korbin

korbin michael blunck

from spanish fork, utah

majoring in mechanical engineering

served his mission in oklahoma

he’s nice, he’s cute, he’s funny, he’s a good boy= i like ’em.

the manti pageant was so much fun! it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there, we got there an hour late and probably only got to see about 40 minutes of the show! but it was well worth it!

any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad! Wish I could have been there with you! I love you!

I could go on and on forever and ever about my dad. he is the funniest man i know…if you haven’t seen that side of him, you are missing out. he is such a good example in everything he does, especially in the church. i am so proud to say that i was born on his birthday.

i’m a daddy’s girl. happy father’s day dad!

and to these men in my life…you’re the best!

i wish i had a picture of my grandaddy. he was so fun, funny, and i miss him terribly. carter reminds me so much of him, so i’m glad he is a constant reminder of mr. charles bess. i miss you ¬†grandaddy!

t-4 hours

and i’ll be done with spring semester (and my aunt susan will almost be here!!! : ) )!!!

i have so much to catch ya’ll up on, but as of the last week i have been drowned in my books and studying frantically.

but i have let loose a little and done a ton of fun things…here’s a glimpse

riding four wheelers up a side of a mountain to watch the sunset at spanish fork canyon has just been one them! i didn’t know how pretty utah is once you get out of provo’s bubble!

be back soon!

lots of slippin’ and slidin’

we had a ward activity this past saturday at rock canyon! the hot and sunny weather was thoroughly enjoyed (maybe we are done with the snow now? who knows). I love my new ward.

mom: this is haley. the red head i keep talking about. she is so fun.

trying to catch a football. shoot. who am i kidding? i can’t catch a football even if my two feet are planted on the ground!

the slip-n-slide was so long and down a steep hill…you went so fast that you skid on the grass for a good ten feet after you got off the tarp. we all are sore and a little cut up today, but it was so worth it.

can you tell how intense it is?

some people went as far as those puddles. you see that guy in the bright swimsuit on the left? we think he’s cosmo, but he’s not aloud to tell…he did a backflip and landed on the slip-n-slide. the boys were crazy, i’m surprised there weren’t any broken bones!

i love byu.

my momma’s chicken salad is better than your momma’s

most likely i haven’t tasted “your momma’s” but my momma’s is finger lickin’

you’ll need 1 rotisserie chicken-chopped and shredded like this ( p.s. i love that chopper, it works miracles)

then you’ll need all the fixins’

clockwise that’s grapes, bell pepper, celery, mayo, craisins, onion (minced)

( i underestimated the mayo, i probably used 3 times that much)

(mom uses blue plate mayo, but you can’t find that good stuff out here)

then mix it all together and use that chopper again to get it really fine. then add some of this and mix again

let it sit for a few hours or overnight and let the flavors “marry” !

this is how i made it into a yummy dinner

mom had it with stacey’s pita chips! you should go try them, they are so good!

i’ll be back soon with more pictures from HOME!!