Cinco de Mayo Festivities

i never need an excuse to eat or make mexican food, but on cinco de mayo it is necessary to celebrate with at least some chips and salsa.

Cinco de Mayo Nachos

1 bag “My Nana’s Chips” (see if you can find them at your grocery store, it’s worth it, they should be in the deli section)

1 pound ( i used a little less) of ground beef

taco seasoning

shredded cheese

1 can pinto beans, drained



sour cream

Brown your meat. Drain the grease and add your taco seasoning. Let simmer for a few minutes. Cover a cookie sheet with foil (makes an easy clean up!), and pour out the chips onto the foil and then sprinkle generously with cheese. Add a little taco seasoning on top. Add the pinto beans and taco meat. Add some more cheese and put them in the oven on low broil until the cheese is nice a bubbly. Take them out and cut up some fresh cilantro on top. Serve with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.


One thought on “Cinco de Mayo Festivities

  1. I find it amazing how many people never use tin foil for that fast clean up haha. I love it. Also I love you, and I love your blog. The end:)

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