a tear jerker

oh my goodness ya’ll, go see this movie, rent it whatever it takes. but i would advise you to watch it in the confines of your own household so you can boo-hoo as loud as you want…i did in the theater. it took all i could not to gasp for air when i was balling during the middle of it. this movie is so good, so refreshing, so cheesy (at parts), so sad, but so worth it. let me know if you watch it…and let me know if you boo-hooed like i did.


One thought on “a tear jerker

  1. Miss Abby!!! Why have i not seen this CUTE CUTE blog til now?!?!?!?! I was going thru my inbox and found your note inviting us to read your blog! I LOVE IT!! You are so talented! I just saved your address and will visit again very very soon!!! keep up the fun posts!!

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