lately it has been crazy! moving and starting spring classes have been pretty exhausting. but i have officially started my elementary education program and it is so fun. i’m taking a basic concepts of math and rhythm & dance and my last GE , history of creativity. Rhythm & dance is by far my favorite class. It is so much fun. We learn round dances, have to make up dances, and laugh the whole 50 minutes. I love it. We make fools of ourselves but we are all doing it together! I’ve met some really cool people that are in almost all my classes and probably will be from here on out. I’ve even met some more people that will be going to NEW ZEALAND!

but on another note…this is what it looked like outside my apartment today…IT’S APRIL 29!!! yes…that is snow!

and here is my new and improved desk.

pictures make me one happy Alabama girl.

mrs. elizabeth asked about this box. i wish i could say i made this box. maybe one day i can make something like it. but i got it on sale at anthropologie this past summer. and i keep all my letters from friends, family, and missionaries in it. i love it!

and my most favorite picture ever…makes me smile every time.


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