i love a good bargain

$.47 (yes that’s 47 cents)

and the best part is…i like the bootay region. laura, you know what i’m talkin’ about. :)…this picture is for laura martin, because when we find a good pair of pants, we gotta have em’ right???

so yes i spent a whoppin’ 47 cents on some old navy shorts that i love.

and now for my next bargain…

$10 at Plato’s closet. 10 DOLLARS and the best part is it fits like a T and it’s a JCREW skirt…for 10 dollars! i love it!

and i love sunday afternoons. especially when i don’t have school tomorrow and have no homework that i can or should be doing, so instead i’m sitting on the couch watching The Best Two Years on TV…only in Utah. I love it!

“…I also know that Joseph Smith was a pamphlet…prophet” -one of my favorite lines.


3 thoughts on “i love a good bargain

  1. oh my gosh. i love you. bahaha thank you for the booty shot!!! i want some .47 shorts that are a fun green!!! and that skirt! i’m jealous!!! we def don’t have shopping like that here in small town, AL. :( and i want a cute apron like that.

    i’m hyper. come here!!

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