Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon

first words out of my mouth this morning at 5:00 a.m….why do we do this to ourselves????

hahah… i was excited, but i was not excited to hear my alarm clock go off bright and early this morning (actually it  was really dark outside)

training has been really tough for me this time, i have had about every running problem imaginable, but running across that

finish line at 13.1 miles was SO worth it.

my infamous tummy was playing games with me and stopping in those port-o-potties at mile 9 was not so fun, but lo and behold,

i finished!! i did it in 2 hours and 12 minutes! I wish I coulda gotten faster, but I’ll take that time with a bathroom stop added in!

me, rebecca, kyle and mekelle all trained together and ran for it. we were so happy kyle decided to join along this time in training for this huge, hard goal.

The half marathon was at Thanksgiving Point , about 20 miles from Provo (towards SLC). We got there by about 6:30 and waited in line for the bathrooms, that EVERYONE and their mother wanted/needed to use. We multi-tasked while waiting by stretching our soon to be worn-out legs. I was nervous before that horn was blown, but once i got started, my nerves went away. It was chilly at first, but then I shed my long sleeve shirt at about mile 5 or so. The course took us through the tulip festival (so pretty!!!), the golf course (which was also so pretty, and GREEN), and the Jordan River Trail. It was beautiful. There were some pretty short, but somewhat steep rolling hills, but it was a good challenge. I’m so glad that I did it and will be doing another one again soon! But not toooooo soon, my body needs to recover!


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