no more art history!!!

i am so tired from staying up late and getting up early to study. but art history is finally over. NO MORE! ahh i love it! i think i might have contracted carpel tunnel this morning when i was writing my essay for my exam! but who cares! i’m done forever. no more weird architecture and mad artists.

this is what i had to write my essay on.

remembering 8 titles, 8 dates, and 8 artists for 4 different question is brain burstin’

:   )

5.  Since the early Renaissance, artists have employed a variety of innovative mediums.  As time passed, new mediums were introduced and, in some cases, replaced previous techniques.  Create a narrative of the high points of new techniques being introduced into the art world from the Renaissance until today.  Why have some survived, while other have all but been abandoned?  With each work cited, discuss how the artist’s choice of medium contributed to the meanings conveyed by the work.

9 pages or so on this has done me in. it’s 10:23 and i’m ready for a nap in the sunshine


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