a date with harold

harold b. lee library that is. don’t you just loveeee finals time? i do. can you feel the hint of sarcasm in my voice??? :  )

i’m taking a quick break because so far, i’ve been on campus since 10 this morning and it is 2, and i will be here for a few more hours + more studying at my apartment tonight!

I made another recipe from that cook this, not that cookbook last night. let’s just say it was real, real SPICY! But it was good, especially good for my sinuses.  They are all cleared and clean now! I was making it last night and you do the staple of cooking onion and garlic with some olive oil. Then i added the red pepper flakes. HOT TAMALE. They stung my nose. My roommate, jess, came in and started coughing and couldn’t stop. We all started sneezing. It was kind of funny though, put maybe next time I should decrease the amount of red pepper flakes!

…Checklist for Finals/the Weekend…

-turn in ELANG paper

-New Testament Final on Friday

-ELANG final on Saturday

-run 9 miles on Saturday

-last sunday as a BYU 166th “Warder” on Sunday

-Art History Final on Monday

-Church History Final on Tuesday

-Wednesday: pack up stuff/clean apartment

-Thursday: pack up stuff/clean apartment

-Friday: move to Jefferson 35! i wish i  could say 102 Heron Way :  ( but…i’m going home May 27…42 DAYS!!! who’s counting???

p.s. it’s beautiful outside today (73 degrees!!!!!!!), i’m thinking i’m gonna go study, while basking in the sunshine! thank heavens for the sunshine!


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