Got Protein???

i’ve never been a cottage cheese girl, but this recipe has made me turn a 180 on that chunky, white stuff. I had them for the first time in Idaho at Grandma Lucy’s house. yummm.

They are so easy and so good for you. They’ve got so much protein in them, and i’m not too much of a meat eater so I need all the protein I can get from other sources :  )

Put 4 eggs into a bowl, add 1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese, and 3/4 cups

of flour. Mix all together. Add a few tablespoons of melted butter. Get your skillet nice and hot with some melted butter.

Cook them like regular pancakes (you might have to cook them a little longer to get the inside done). Serve hot and with aunt

jemima’s syrup.


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