Happy Easter!!!

As I woke up at 6:30 this morning, I looked outside my window to see SNOW…it was a winter wonderland…isn’t April supposed to be the start of spring…no no no, not in Utah. This is what I saw on the way to general conference in Salt Lake City this morning.

but then we went to general conference and it was so good. we were in the balcony, but we were right in front of the podium. it is so cool to actually be there in the conference center!

this was taken after conference. when i was going through security at conference they confiscated my camera. ok not really. but they made me take it to the packaging place because it was “too big”. I was pretty dang mad, but this nice old lady showed me the way…i was hoping she might take me some back, secret way so that I could possible just run into the prophet.pshh what are the chances of that??? anyway, my camera is safe and sound, i just had to go pick it up after the session ended.

we got home to provo and then i started making the mac & cheese and then watched the second session of conference today…i fell asleep (guilty as charged)…i inherited my falling asleep abilities from my beautiful mother.

We went to Kyle and Mekelle’s for Easter dinner. It was so so good!

our expert ham cutter

we had a bunnie cake made by becca and mekelle AND coconut pie.

yes, i’m about to pop if you are wondering.


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