i should be doing homework

… but i don’t have it in me right now.

here’s some pictures from our valentine trip to boise, idaho! so. much. fun.

it was so nice to get out of provo for the weekend and spend time with grandparents. I fell in love with Grandma Lucy ( I especially love her name). Rebecca’s grandparent’s were so nice to have us and fed us WAY too much. Grandma Lucy even shared some of her recipes with me!!! : )

I experienced Chuck-A-Rama for the first time on this trip. It was de-li-cious. Especially those wheat rolls with the cinnamon butter.Yum!

Because of this trip, I gained a different respect for Idaho. It is really pretty, especially Boise.  There was no snow on the ground…it was perfect. The weather was mild and there were TREES! And another added bonus…it was a little bit humid!! (no worries though i still wanna live in alabama, no doubt.)

I made Dad’s famous cat head biscuits all by myself for the first time. Granny Bess was smilin’ down on me from heaven for sure. I think she would of been proud.

We even played dress up with some old dresses of Mrs. Memselle’s and her sisters. It was lots of fun and brought on lots and lots of laughter.

Rebecca even found her mom’s tiara and “miss meridian” sash and reminisced for her momma.

But here are the pictures from the trip, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


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