ThE mOnTh Of LoVe

  1. i love my family
  2. i love the lake

3. i love sunny weather

4. i love my dogs

5. i love skiing

6. i love the smell of boiling water

7. i love blog stalking

8. i love tootsie roll lolly pops

9. i love getting letters in the mail

10. i love them

11. I love BYU

12. i love the beach

13. i love wakeboarding

14. i love having 3 brothers

15. i love playing piano

16. i love mascara

17.i love my dad and everything he does.

18. i love skirts and dresses

19. i love good hair days

20. i love knitting

21. i love when my brothers come to see me in Utah

22. i love black fingernail polish

23. i love decopauging

24. i love eating dinner with kyle and mekelle every sunday

25. i love chocolate

26. i love my pink mixer, lucille

27. i love going to the gym

28. i love alabama

29. i love laughing

30. i love family time

31. i love taking pictures

32. i love naps

34. i love yaya and grandpa

35. i love playing tennis, especially with these three

36. i love these girls, great roommates!

37. i love kyle and mekelle’s apartment

38. i love waking up before i have to and going back to sleep

39. i love getting packages

40. i love when me and mom think the same exact things

41. i love living with rebecca

42. i love these girls and wouldn’t trade last year for anything

43. i love how they can make me laugh

44. i love being able to call them family

45. i love baking cakes

46. i love playing ball with gunny

47. i love zinnias, my favorite

48. i love hangin’ out with him

49. i love baking for nana and papa

50. i love my momma (and act a lot like her : ))


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