Lucy Loo


-one of my favorite things about Lucy was when she would come back from getting her hair cut. She was so soft and sporty. They would shave her and keep her long flowy tail and beard long. Oh i loved it.

-she was so sweet. so sweet.

she gave lots of kisses

she made me happy, so happy.

this is by far my favorite picture of her. all you can see is her pink tongue. her fur was black, her eyes were black, everything was black except for that cute tongue.

Memories about Lucy

1. she loved home, but she loved, i mean loved, to go explore around the roads around 505 N. Cherokee. There were many nights that she would cross the busy street and take off running (she always ran kind of crooked and I loved it). I would get so mad at her when I would see her bushy tail down the road, but she always came back. I was usually the only one that could catch her :  )

2. She found me and I called her my “run around puppy”. I named her Lucy after the street we lived on, Lucy Lane

3. she’s put up with many, many other pets. she got so jealous of some (Reese) that she even started biting with her toys (something she never did)

4. she loved for you to rub her tummy (which had black freckles on it)

5. she and reese slept in my room every night in cherokee..i would say let’s go girls and they would come running to the breakfast room door to go upstairs

6. i couldn’t have asked for a better buddy than lucy.

7. i will name my first girl Lucy, regardless of what my future husband thinks  :  )

january 27 is always a hard day, but I know she’s waggin’ her beautiful long tail up with all my other pups in heaven.


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