Happy Day!

Yesterday I got a PACKAGE from Peter Fife. Not just a letter but my fist package from Brazil!! I was so excited but I didn’t get it in the mailbox. I got this note on our door that said I had something to pick up. But I didn’t see that it was from BRAZIL! Rebecca pointed that out to me! So I had to wait until the next day to pick it up! I ended up going to the wrong post office the first time, but then I finally got to pick it up!

This was everything that was in it! Key chains, a letter, a t-shirt, a bracelet, and some Brazilian candy!

This is what he said about the totem pole key chain…”I would have to say that this lil’ fella is my favorite! I’ll be honest, I know I’m a horrible gift buyer (not true) and the chances of you liking these things are slim (not true), so instead of thinking a ton about that fact, I decided that I’d buy you the ugliest totem pole voo-doo thin I could find…as a joke.  This sucker is UGLY I’m laughing super hard at my humor, it really is pathetic.  You should definitely put this beauty on your key chain”

The sand key chain he said this…”This little guy rocks!! I was strolling down this huge souvenir center on P-Day and I came across this little store that made these killer sand paintings/things.  So i bought one, and then I bought one for m mom, and then I bought one for you, to make a long story short this lady who makes them made a killing off me! But they are so dang cool!! (and they are)”

This bracelet was by far my favorite thing.  He said, “So this little bracelet was given to me by a little girl who we taught.  I brought my photo album with me which has pics of the fam and pics of friends, ahd she asked who you were, and I said that you’re one of my awesome friends that I met during college, and that you’re a great example to me.  Upon hearing that this girl (named Carissa) took off this bracelt and told me to send it to you, and to tell you thanks for being one of my examples! It has a rip, but its a real gift from someone who saw your pic, a girl who is only 7 years old!”

I just can’t get over it! I wish I could meet that little girl! I don’t plan to take this bracelet off!


4 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. I’m so glad that I found your blog! It’s so super adorable and full of Abby. I’m especially happy about this package from Elder Fife!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I bet you just freaked.
    I miss you lots. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I promise I have a blog ready to be posted but the internet stinks here, so I hope it will be soon. love you <3

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