First Day of Classes, Spilled Milk, and Quesadillas!

1. First day of classes went great! I’m gonna like all my classes this year! Anything is better than last semester (Stats and Physical Sceince=the death of me!)

2. Me and Rebecca went to the grocery store last night together. We went to good ole’ Smiths. I didn’t like Smiths at first, but let me tell ya it has grown on me. Macey’s used to be my number one go to grocery store. But it is SO far away from my apartment and Smiths is just a hop and jump (and I’m there a lot so that’s good). But anyway. Rebecca put all her groceries in the back of my car. I pulled up right in front of our apartment so we could unload them and she opened the back and BOOM…the milk went straight to the ground and busted open. I was at our door with groceries and Rebecca was laughing and calling my name. I had heard the boom but it didn’t click til I saw her bending over in laughter. Well needless to say, there is about 3/4 a gallon of frozen milk on our parking lot right outside our door. And I have a pretty good idea that it will be there until everything melts in April. Hahah that milk is going to have a long life!

3. I made some yummy quesadillas last night! They were so good and didn’t take long at all. I wish I had taken a picture because they were definately picture worthy. But I just cooked some onions and a green bell pepper in a pan with some butter and taco seasoning. Took them out of the pan and cooked some shrimp (with a little butter and taco seasoning). Then browned my tortillas with the cheese (that I hand grated-a mix of Montery Jack and Montery Cheddar-hand grating the cheese makes it taste that much better, to me atleast). YUM! They were delicious! Mom…you won’t have to think about what’s for dinner…make these!


One thought on “First Day of Classes, Spilled Milk, and Quesadillas!

  1. I will definitely make the quesadillas, but I’ll try not to do the milk trick. It is actually so cold here that it would probably freeze, too!

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